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Air Vacuum Mat

The <Air Vacuum Mat> can be used by simply placing it at the entry area and passageways of buildings. It is a high performance, energy-saving door mat that can remove dirt attached to shoe soles and car wheels using spring brushes and air suction.
It is recommended for all retail stores and facilities including restaurants, hospitals, pharmacies, etc. that place great importance on cleanliness, as well as sales stores and play facilities with high human traffic volume.

Air Vacuum Mat

High performance

A sole cleaner with a new concept that uses the repulsive force of spring brushes to scrape out contaminants (soil, dust) in shoe soles followed by powerful suction air to suck out the contaminants instantly.

Energy-saving, high efficiency

The cleaner is activated when humans and handcarts pass through.
It sucks out and removes contaminants from only areas stepped on by shoe soles and handcart wheels, saving energy in the process.

Simple maintenance

Contaminants are collected in the dust collection unit and easily removed.
Other maintenance is also simple.

High Safety

Slim design with a thickness of only 30 mm. (attached with slopes at both ends)
The up and down movement of the brushes is also very small, making it safe for young kids and women with high heels to pass through safely as well.

Special Specifications

A wide variety of special specifications are available.
For example, there is a special version for retail stores (with ultra-slim specifications of 18 mm thickness) and one with high load specifications (max 500 kg). The photo shown is a special version for retail stores.

Other models are also available upon request. Please send your enquiries here.