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Air Shower Clean Room Duster

Clean room essentials

Using a high-speed jet flow at a speed of 25m/sec and above, dirt, dust, hair and harmful insects sticking to human bodies and products can be removed safely and effectively by our air showers installed at the entrances of clean rooms.

3-way simultaneous blowing

Upon entering the entry door, air is blown out from jet nozzles from the top and left and right at the same time to blow away contaminants such as dirt and dust sticking to the entire body of the operator.

Floor suction and removal

After injection, the air is sucked out from under your feet to collect the rubbish (adhesive mats are not used).

Use of double filter

Using a double filter unique to Paionia, 90% of dust particles are removed based on the colorimetric method at standard specifications (99.97% of 0.3 ƒÊm particles for special specifications)

Two types of filter models

Two types of filters with different filtering performances are available. Choose the E-type for normal operations and the D-type for places with a high concentration of dust (cement, casting, flour milling etc.).

Photo: RD-OEN Model

Photo: RD-SEZ Model



Other models are also available upon request. Please send your enquiries here.